The Perils of Resting Happy Face

It seems that the internet has exploded with resting bitch-face commiseration in recent months. But what about those of us with the exact opposite problem? Upturned mouth corners, plump, happy cheeks, and the natural predisposition to eye contact can lead to just as many problems:

1. Strange people always talk to you

In the store, at the library, at the doctor’s office – people with resting happy-face look eternally pleased, so it’s natural that we attract conversations. Sometimes these conversations are short and pleasant, but other times we somehow get embroiled in a conversation with someone who loads off their problems like we have the answers. This can lead to a very uncomfortable situation where you learn way too much about a stranger but have no qualifications to help them with their situation. Resting happy-face does not a psychology degree make.

2. No one takes you seriously when you’re angry

It’s hard for me to frown. I’ve finally got the furrowed brow look down pat, but even when I’m angry, my fiancé can’t argue with me without bursting into laughter. I actually look happy when I argue. One time, we were arguing and he started to laugh. I asked irritated, “Why are you laughing?!” “Because you are so cute when you’re mad!”  I don’t want to be cute, for god’s sake! I want to be menacing. I have to yell to be taken seriously, and then when I do, everyone tells me to calm down. Sigh. There’s just no winning here.


3. You have familiar-face

“Hey, do I know you?” No, probably not. But I bet you get this a lot if you have resting happy-face. Generally after a polite “No, I don’t think so”, people will go away. Some, however, aren’t as easily dissuaded. “Are you SURE you didn’t go to John Adams High School in Houston?” “No, I’ve never been to Houston.” Which always leads to the “well, you have a twin out there!”


4. People think you’re crazy

It has become so common to see people sitting around brooding that anyone who sits around looking generally content and happy with life seems like they might be a little loopy. People don’t just sit around smiling, god damnit, it’s just not natural!


Have any to add? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Perils of Resting Happy Face

  1. Hahaha! Ohh my gosh this post is cracking me up. I do not have this “face” but I know a few friends who do and they have these same problems. Phew this really gave me a good laugh. Great post!

      • Haha probably!! I wish I could join! However, I think being born and living in the city has my face at a resting state of half “don’t touch me” and “I would like to have a conversation with you”. Even though I love meeting new people! Strange strange. 🙂

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